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This website, henceforth "Website" uses cookies to improve the User’s experience on the Website, as cookies track the User’s interaction with the various services offered by the owner of the website, CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL  .- What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a User’s web browser when browsing certain webpages (computer/smartphone/tablet) that allow a website to determine the User’s browsing preferences and make the browsing experience more efficient, so that the User and Website can interact in a better and faster way.


The information stored in cookies are not linked to any personally identifiable information the user might submit (such as the User’s name, address or bank details). It is completely anonymous and does not contain any sensitive information.


2.- What types of cookies are used?

The Website uses cookies, pixels and other storage and information retrieval devices to track the User’s interaction in the Website. CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL . uses the following cookies:


First-party cookies

CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL  cookies: These types of cookies make the Website work correctly and are; therefore, essential so that the User can access all of the Website’s options and can browse the Website normally. For example, they allow Users to save their preferences.


Company            Information       Purpose

CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL            User location and personal preferences These are used to offer more personalized services and information, for example, they set the correct price currency depending on where the User is from.

Third-party website cookies

Tracking cookies: These cookies collect anonymous information on how a User browses the Website, where they have been, when they have returned, where they came from, to determine why the User has visited the Website and other statistical information, as well as to improve how the service works.


Company            Information       Purpose              More information

Google Analytics              What pages Users have visited, browsing time, where the User came from, location...                Statistical information on how the User found the web page, what they look at and if the website is working correctly              See

New Relic            Browsing information    Reports on how the Users use the website and if it is working correctly See

Publicity cookies: These cookies allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the publicity spaces that are included in the Website, app or platform from which it provides the requested service based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency of the ads. They show Users publicity which the User will most likely be interested in.


Company            Information       Purpose              More information

Doubleclick (Google, Inc.)            Provides information on the ads that have been shown to the User, which ads interest what Users and if the User visits the advertiser’s webpage          To improve and manage the ads which are shown to Users and try and avoid the same ads been shown too many times         See

Tradedoubler    Provides information on the ad which has been shown to the User          It analyses how the User has interacted with an ad     See

Facebook            Information on Facebook Users and how they browse Facebook pages Facebook allows Users to share pages with their Friends and see if their friends also like it and to customize the ads in Facebook             See3.- Web beacons o web bug:

This Website also uses Web Beacons, which are one pixel by one pixels, visible or invisible, electronic images placed within the source code of some websites, and are very similar to the cookies. Web Beacons are often used for statistical information, to measure specific Website traffic and User patterns. The information obtained from Web Beacons is always anonymous.


4.- Cookie management:

Most web browsers or other storage devices allow you to manage your cookie preferences, to have more control over your privacy.



On the following links you have all the information available to configure or deactivate your cookies on your browser:


1. Internet Explorer (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XHop0q)

In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button and then select "Internet options"

Click on the Privacy tab

Under Settings, move the slider to manage the number of cookies which will be installed on your browser: Block all the cookies, High, Medium high, Medium (default level), Low and Accept all the Cookies. Then press ok

2. Mozilla Firefox (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XEx0Rs)

Click on the menu button and choose Options

Select the Privacy panel

Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history. Check mark Accept cookies from sites to enable cookies, and uncheck it to disable to them

3. Google Chrome (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XIzo9R)

Select the Chrome menú icon

Select Settings

Near the bottom of the page, select Show advanced settings

In the “Privacy” section, select Content settings and select if you want to allow or block the cookies

4. Safari (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XKkiAw)

Choose Safari and then Preferences

Click on Privacy

Click Details

To remove the cookies, click Remove All Website Data or click Details, select one or more websites, then click remove

If you remove information stored by a website, the website may not be able to provide services it has provided in the past

If you do not want to be tracked by cookies, Google has developed an ad-on to install on your browser. Cleck here for more information: https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XM7jye.


5.- Cookies in your mobile devices

This Website also uses cookies or other storage devices on mobile devices. Just like in computer and laptop browsers, the mobile device browsers allow you to configure your privacy options or settings to disable or delete the cookies if you want.


If you want to change the privacy options, follow the instructions specified on your mobile browser.


Here are some examples that will help you modify the privacy options on your Smartphone:



Windows Phone: (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XHop0q)

Chrome Mobile: (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XM85LE)

Opera Mobile: (https://CAMPER WHEELS RENT&SHOP SL .link/2XJgcc7)

6.- Consent

By browsing and continuing on our website, you are consenting to the use of the Website’s cookies. In case Users delete or disable the cookies, the website will continue to be operational, but will no longer offer certain services or customized features, which means that Users will not make the most of what the Website offers.


If you would like to change your configuration click here

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